Personal Training

Personal Trainer Flavio Bacciannini

Flavio Bacciannini

Flavio Bacciannini began bodybuilding at the age of 19 and later competed in multiple competitions winning him the title of former Mr. Italy, Mr. Europe, and Mr. Universe.
Spending a decade of his life in the industry he made a name for himself as one of the most inspiring and entertaining professional athletes of all time. With over 40 years of training and experience, Flavio focuses on his clients remaining healthy and injury free; with moderate exercising and nutrition.

Howard Rubinstein

Native New Yorker living in Palm Springs for about 15 years and loving it!!! My goal for my peers is basically to live healthier, longer, be stronger, more active, enhance the mind and have a better quality of life. Through physical training
(not bodybuilding) just plain good everyday exercise with a trained senior specializing in seniors will definitely help you reach your goals. I can help you to be agiler and have better valance while having fun and enjoying the experience.

For 2 years I have been teaching a circuit training class with mostly seniors. Circuit

training is a full body work-out. By moving from machine to machine for 45 seconds, then 15 seconds to go to the next station for 1/2 hour. It is not difficult, but effective.

I am qualified to help you with nutrition to lose weight, eat properly and maintain general good health.
I offer you tear sheets which are very informational, as well as being interesting. My rates are very affordable, especially if we can form groups of 4-6 persons.

Before we start with a program, I am offering a free personal evaluation and a one on one meeting to see if we click, which I am sure will happen.

We can work out at your facility, or at my gym, whichever is more convenient for you.
You will not be disappointed with the results!!

William Bunchak

After 18 years in the restaurant business, I embarked on a personal development journey to transform my life, which started with better foods and better fitness.
I started with my own Personal Trainer over 2 years ago and with his encouragement during my transformation, I decided that my fitness was not enough for me so I became certified through NFPT. At 45 years young I accomplished a Spartan Sprint and tackled a Tough Mudder within a few months of each other which is just the beginning for me and hopefully my clients!

Training is a journey of transformation that should be a mix of fun, excitement, milestones, and laughter. I like to focus on full body With a unique blend of training, I hope to share my personality to make your training sessions go quickly so that you don’t even know you are sweating! Each session should be different so that you never get bored with your workout routine. Think you know what Personal Training is? Get ready to Excel At Yourself, with personal training from Bill Bunchak. I will strive to make each session different, and if you’re not laughing at me or with me…at least I’ll be laughing at myself!


Personal Trainer Aaron Cruz

Aaron Cruz

Welcome to Palm Springs Fitness, my name is Aaron Cruz. I am currently a certified personal trainer through (ASFA), the American Sports and Fitness Association.

I am a local resident of Palm Springs, a father, a competitive bodybuilder, an ex-professional MMA fighter with an overall record of 18-2, a black belt in martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and a business owner in Cultural Resource management (Archaeology). All of this as kept me very active and motivated to stay as fit and healthy as possible.

Dan Partridge

Hello, my name is Dan Partridge, a NASM Certified personal trainer here at Palm Springs
Fitness Center. My passion for health and fitness started at a very young age with being active
in all types of sports year around and started taking training very serious once I started playing
football and running track in High School.

My passion is to help and guide people to reach their personal health and fitness goals
because I fully believe that living a fit and healthy lifestyle enhances one’s body, but their life
overall. As you can see in the photo’s above, there was a time in my life that I didn’t follow the
health and fitness lifestyle as I do today.

Ry Adams

First and foremost, my goal is to help you take control of your own life. Not control it for you. My
concentration is on furthering my own education and certification to transfer new, useful, knowledge to each
of my clients. I graduated college in May of 2017, with my degree in Exercise Sport Science. I moved to Palm
Springs in October from Gunnison Colorado, where I worked at the High-Altitude Performance Lab as a trainer
for physician recommended clients. My personal training certification is from the nationally accredited
American Council on Exercise. My other certifications include, Silver Sneakers, CPR, First Aid, and Swiftwater
Rescue. I eventually plan on being a Strength and Conditioning Coach for a College or Professional


Hello, my name is Joshua and proud to be a trainer and member
here at Palm Springs Fitness.  I have always had a passion for fitness and enjoy all health benefits that come with it.  I love fitness and want to be able to help others obtain and exceed their fitness goals.  I am a competitive bodybuilder in the Southern California NPC, placing 2 nd  at three different shows in the Classic Physique Division.  One of my many
goals is to one day become an IFBB pro bodybuilder and compete at a pro show.    I really enjoy talking and sharing my knowledge about
fitness, continuing to learn new things every day. Clients who train with me can expect a fun yet challenging workout geared toward your specific goals. Fitness for me is a way of life and I will do my best to help
you be the best YOU can be.

Lisa Schoenberg

Lisa has been Trainer for 30 experience success in competitions to of California. She finds joy in work toward reach their overcome weight all while gaining strength and flexibility. She believes in fitness as a way of life and demonstrates it through example.

Her Personal Interest

Ranges from bodybuilding to cycling the coast. As well as helping others on their goals, potential and injuries and lose weight all while gaining strength and flexibility.