Group Training Programs

Why EVERYONE needs a Personal Trainer

Getting to the gym is the toughest part.
Commit to an appointment and guarantee you will show up. This is the
1st Step in getting results.

Trainers will push you to your limit to make
sure you are maximizing each workout, which in return will allow you to burn sufficient fat calories. 2nd Step to getting results.

Our experienced and certified personal trainers take the guesswork out. They will design the program for you and ensure you are doing proper form and technique to stimulate your muscles and avoid injury. 3rd Step to getting results.

Recent surveys show:Personal Training is now viewed as a necessity – NOT a luxury
“Fitness Enthusiasts as well as people with medical needs are making the required financial decision to hire a personal trainer as they view it as a Necessity.”

PSFC is now offering SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING for as low as $159 per month.
We get it… you need a trainer but can’t afford $75 per hour. This program will provide you with a personal trainer up to 3 times a week, 50 minute sessions.  There may be up to 4 people in a session but the more the merrier and it provides more motivation. 
Save thousands of dollars in training costs but still get the quality guidance and motivation you need.

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